TCCHE – Case study

Who are TCCHE and what were the challenges they faced?

TCCHE creates unique events and online programs that bring together the latest breakthroughs in science, spiritual revelations, talks from best selling authors and spiritual teachers.

I supported the TCCHE’s transformation from physical events to digital conferences, advertising across various platforms and countries, during the challenging times of Covid-19. 

In detail, Joe’s Dispenza high-ticket course in Spain & Latino America was the main project for the business across Q2. The main challenges TCCHE faced by that time were:

1) the Conversion Rate threshold of 1% at the bottom of the funnel 

2) The historical ROAS threshold of 4 across the FB ads account

How could I help them?

I collaborated with the marketing team in all stages of the advertising campaigns, accomplishing tasks and achieving the targets required.

In detail, I was able to provide with an efficient structure of the funnel, so composed: 

1) lead generation campaign directing to the main landing page

2) free video course provided as a lead magnet on landing page + retargeting email campaign for those quitting the free video course

3) sales ads campaigns directing to sales page + FB retargeting campaigns for the bouncers

4) sales ads retargeting the basket + email campaign retargeting the list of leads.

What were the results?

 I helped the business to generate 120,000 Leads through PPC+SMM advertising for Joe Dispenza’s campaign in Spain and Latin America, obtaining:

–   Cost per lead: £ 0,26             –   Sales Funnel CR : 2.29%            –   ROAS: 6,36

Finally, I was able to overcome both the thresholds registered by the business across the FB account.