Cupra – Case Study

Who is CUPRA and what were the challenges the brand faced?

CUPRA is an unconventional and emotionally-charged brand, which is defined by the progressive design and performance of its electric vehicles.

Before starting to work with the Cupra team on their brand awareness, traffic and lead generation phases, the brand was struggling to:

1) obtain quality leads from its digital marketing & paid advertising activity. 

2) reduce the cost of the leads, which was way above the 2 digits. 


How I could help them?

I collaborated with the marketing team in all stages of the advertising campaigns, accomplishing tasks and achieving the targets required.

 In detail, I was able to build an efficient structure of the funnel, which brought on the table better results for brand awareness and traffic in terms of KPIs.

Moreover, I was able to provide cheap quality leads, sorting the main struggle for the business between Q1 and Q3, through:

1) redesign of the funnel strategy for lead gen optimised for conversion

2) Dismissal of broad audiences and third-party lead gen software

3) the implementation of both new creative formats and more in-market audiences

What were the results?

Targeting In-market audiences optimised for conversion made a huge difference as witnessed by the client itself. In detail,

1) I achieved the record of 97 Test Drive Leads (perceived as high-quality leads by the business) within the Fb Ads Cupra account in Q3, through social activity in Tactical campaigns.

2) Decreased the Test Drive CPL by circa 40% between Q1 and Q3! Amazing, isn’t it?