Hi. I'm Mike. Your Paid Media Expert in spreading message to audiences, at scale.

I support the digitalisation of small companies, building their brand and promoting them online by exploiting the best channels, Lead Generation and other Digital Marketing strategies.

Let Me Help You Overshoot Your Digital Goals in the Right Way.

Some of the Amazing Clients I Worked With:

Digital Marketing Consultancy Services

I particularly enjoy working with data, metrics and analytics. My goal is to bring a positive impact on business transformation and process improvement.

Marketing Strategy

I help your business connect with customers on their level. I create campaigns which provide genuine value, and maximise audience engagement online, so to finally turn engagement into sales.

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Social Media Marketing

Paid content marketing is the best way for your brand to target new audiences on social media and convert them into your customers. Your brand can use paid social marketing to raise brand awareness, and promote the newest deals, content, events, etc. Also, it is a powerful tool for generating leads and driving conversions (including e-commerce sales).

PPC Advertising

PPC allows you to extend your reach and achieve marketing goals more easily. It is a tool based on search engines and people intent, that can be used to align website traffic to your end goals, no matter what these may be. PPC supports many aspects of sales and advancing your relationship with a wide audience from the initial awareness, to becoming a loyal customer.

Email Marketing

I can help you to build email campaigns, so to convert potential customers and keep current customers on board with your brand. Through my experience in both copywriting and email automation software, I can help you to nurture your audience and increase sales.

How I differ from other Consultants

As a digital marketing consultant, what sets me apart from others?

My solutions are custom-tailored, not off-the-shelf. I build marketing strategies based on your business, not someone else’s.

As a business consultant, I have helped companies set up their business models. I even built a business from an idea sketched on a single sheet of paper.

Moreover, I am a person who has started from scratch. This provides me with experience and insights that few others can give.

As a digital marketing consultant, I work with you in partnership, not as an agency. A true collaboration. Shouldn’t that be the true meaning of marketing?

Customers reviews

What people say?

Michele has been helping to grow the presence of our company with his high knowledge in digital marketing. He has been very committed to the project, from the facebook campaigns to google ads for help and support on the website providing a quality work and insightful tips. We are very grateful of being able to count on him and due to his great dedication and service we recommend Michele for any company that wants to crucially improve its digital presence
Xurxo Antón Sotelo García
Michele is a gifted professional with a rare combination of communication, interpersonal and multi-tasking skills. He helped me to improve my digital skills, which have been of crucial importance throughout my postgraduate studies.
Mauro Bertolotti
During our period of collaboration for Abomnes Michele showed an excellent professional preparation combined with honesty and fairness, as well as having excellent communication and organizational skills, he carried out the assignment in a short time, completing all the objectives, showing qualities of confidentiality. It was a real pleasure to have Michele in our team, he will be a great resource for any company.
Mario Blasi
Michele has been working with us for a year managing all of our PPC campaigns and working inside our growing digital marketing team. His passion for digital marketing and his commitment to his tasks and the team made him an invaluable and trustworthy member of staff.
Richard Smith
In our efforts to improve our online presence at Pizza Sophia we collaborated with Michele and produced a new website for our successful Pizzeria. I am very pleased with the results. Not only does the new website capture our character and promote our product, but it is user friendly, and even a technophobe like me can use it. Michele was efficient, quick, and a pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and wish him every success.
Bruce Cumine
About Me

I will help you to take your belief in your business and make your audience believe in it too. No fluff, no BS, Just salt of the earth, honest expertise.

I am a MSc educated Digital Marketer with a background in Sales. I have a passion for Performance Marketing and all things digital.

Skilled in Web Marketing, Data Analysis, Social Media, Email Marketing and Advertising Campaigns.

I currently work as a Digital Marketing Manager in London. Also, I work on side projects every time I can.

During free time I really enjoy going to network events in the city, social gatherings and gym. 

My goal is to create a strong network of like-minded digital marketers, become a full-stack digital marketer and travel as much as I can!

Commonly Asked Questions: Digital Marketing Consultancy

A digital marketing consultant is one person who works with your business, whereas a digital marketing agency does your marketing for you.

A digital marketing consultancy is the best of both worlds, working directly in partnership with you. You essentially get more control and input into your marketing, but with the same level of expertise you would expect from an agency.

Marketing consultants are there to give you the guidance you need on your marketing.

They’ll have expertise in SEO, content creation, social media, PR and outreach – the whole shebang.

Every freelance digital marketing consultant has their own speciality and way of working, so you’ll want to make sure you consider all the factors when choosing the right consultant for you.

For my part, my work is centred on building creative marketing strategies that are grounded in data and value. Why follow the crowd when you can do something genuinely new and exciting?

If you’re on my site, you’ve probably already answered that question yourself.

Some of our clients start out with me chatting to them about their business and offering some practical advice. After a few weeks or months, they decide that they want to work with me. Others have a clear idea of what they want and they decide to work with me straight away.

Either approach is fine. The most important thing is to ask – what problem are you trying to solve? Focus on that and you’ll know when to look for help.

Each of our clients are different and none of them have exactly the same requirements. So choosing the best digital marketing consultant entirely depends on what you’re looking to achieve.

My specialities are B2C and service-based companies. If you sell within the B2B space, I’m probably not right for you – and I’ll tell you that up-front.

I have three pricing tiers depending on how involved you’d like to be. Some of my clients speak to me for only a couple of hours per month; others work with me for a couple of days every week.

My pricing system is a way of bringing down costs for both of us. You’ll only pay for what you want, and I’ll only work on what you need.

Minimum 3 months contract with a money-back guarantee based on results. After, it work on a monthly subscription basis, so you can leave at any time. This means there’s no risk in being locked into a long-term contract. I find that this approach works especially well for smaller businesses.

I’ll kick things off with a free chat about your business and what you want to achieve. From there, I’ll take a look at your business and ideas, with the option of conducting a deep-dive to really get into the weeds of your business.

After that, I’ll write up a full proposal and send it across for you to make the final decision on. If you’re happy, we’ll begin working together based on your price tier and the structure outlined in the proposal.

I work completely remotely, working directly with my clients through calls and meetings.

Yes, predominately Uk and Italy.

Drop Me a Line or Two, I'm Open for a Collaboration!